Tina Terrazas, Co-Founder of Pachuca Productions (Pictured here for Spooky Vaudeville).

We discovered we weren’t alone. There were other quirky theatre types in Plumas County who wanted to do original theatre projects and relevant theatre projects that speak to what’s really going on in people’s lives and our cultures.

Three Time LTYM Directors

Since 2014 We’ve Produced Original Works

We champion, encourage, and support Plumas County artists, dancers, musicians and writers to expand and grow no matter what stage of the process they’re in. We are here to try the weird, the quirky, the political, the important.

Johnny Walker singing us some creepy blues

We love vaudeville.

Directing with Cast Input

We see theatre as a collective. We try and provide space for many voices of all ages.

We love working with teens!

In Plumas County Magic Beanstalk Players provides great opportunity for younger kids. But as they enter high school there’s less opportunity–especially with very small and non-existent high school programs. That’s where we come in. We’re proud to work with students from all over the county—five schools so far!

Lots of Rewarding Fun

We love having new people to work with each show. So many great hidden gems in the county! Join us today!.