In 2014, after years of community theatre, and random theatre and film projects, Tina Terrazas and Margaret Elysia Garcia decided to team up and move beyond the revivals of community theatre to bring juicier and newer roles to hungry actors. We wanted to provide platform and space for young actors in our communities–most of whom do not have drama programs at their schools in northeastern California. We wanted the non-usual suspects of our communities to audition for shows. We wanted to blur the lines between theatre and musical performances, burlesque, comedy, etc. In a rural area, you have to bring your own entertainment and we do just that. [Image by Tess Emily Rodriguez @thetessemily].

Join us or ask us questions or support our endeavors by emailing us at pachucaproductions@thestudy.us or @laspachucas on FB or IG.

What People Say

Let’s build something together.

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